Making a difference from the ground up

Giving hungry Kiwis a Fairgrow

This isn't a country that lets people go hungry — but more and more are. Right now, large numbers of Kiwis are going without. As a country of nutritious fresh food producers, we believe in providing people with a fair go.

Helping to grow healthier futures for Kiwis

We’re doing something about that, starting from the ground up.

Fairgrow is a charity created by T&G Fresh to increase the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables donated to Kiwis in need. 

We’re building a community of growers and partners who have a bit or a decent bunch to spare, and also helping them harvest any produce left on trees or in the ground. This way we can get it to where it’s needed the most. It's all about helping Kiwis have the energy to thrive, learn and grow — and together, everyone has a healthier future. 

How? We aggregate and supply donated fresh produce, working with the New Zealand Food Network (NZFN) to distribute it to food hubs around Aotearoa.

Teaming up to gather surplus fresh produce and reduce food waste

As a grower you can help

Like you, we’re passionate about nutritious fruit and vegetables and its role in growing healthier futures. On our farms and orchards, we produce tonnes of nutritious fresh produce, and depending on the harvest and demand, some of it can be surplus. Fairgrow captures this surplus and makes Aotearoa’s home-grown produce go as far as possible. 

So, if you have good produce to spare, or if it’ll be left on the tree or in the ground, we can help make a difference and get it to people who deserve a fair go.

As a business you can help

If you have excess fresh produce which can’t be sold, or if you simply want to help us nourish more Kiwis with fruit and vegetables, get in touch.

Fairgrow welcomes your support and can help connect and redistribute any produce you have, so together we can grow healthier communities.

How it works

Get in touch
If you have surplus good quality fresh produce and would like to donate it, we'd love to chat.

Likewise, if produce might be left unharvested, get in touch and let's discuss what it'd take to harvest and donate it.

If you don't have produce but would like to support us by making a financial or in-kind donation, please reach out.
Collect the food
No matter where you are in Aotearoa, we'll work with you to find the simplest way to collect and receive your good quality surplus fruit and vegetables.
Link the need
Working closely with our partners at the New Zealand Food Network, we flag forthcoming produce donations so we can aggregate supply and match it with their demand from across Aotearoa.
Deliver the goods
Our integrated fresh produce supply chain works with the New Zealand Food Network to efficiently transport donated fruit and vegetables, where they're safely stored before making their way to food hubs and the communities they serve.


From the ground up, our generous growers, partners, distributors and retailers are doing the mahi and helping us make a difference.

Thank you.

Get involved

If you have some fresh produce to donate, are a charity with mouths to feed, or want to find out more about Fairgrow, please get in touch.